Regular class

Classes can be exclusively for beginners, ranked practitionners or open to all levels of expertise, please, check before inquiring.

We usually begin with a series of stretches and warm-up exercises, and then quickly progress to practicing technique.

Depending on the instructor, he can demonstrate a technic, and then the class will pair up and practice it. Or he can let the student pairing up and practice technics of their choice. In both case, he will supervise the training and help students to progress.

Each technic is first learned and then refine through constant practice.

Each member should regularly change partner without regard to rank and should not go with a partner he already practiced with until he has trained with everybody. It is very important to master the technic whitout dependance to the physic of a person.

We all need each other to practice and learn, that’s why we are all learning partners that alternates at playing “attacker” and “defender”.

If you would like to visit our dojo, please call to schedule an appointment. You can find our affiliate groups and dojos here.

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