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Soke Irie Yasuhiro is the director and is know world wide for his knowledge and expertise in Shiatsu, Mogusa (Moxabustion), Bone setting, Acupuncture as well as several types of rehabilitation methods such as infra-red, ultraviolet and heat therapies. Soke Irie is a graduate of the Hanada College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and the KoKoDo Clinic has been in operation since 1988. He treats all types of patients in the clinic from the young to the old and the sick to the injured. Soke also specializes in motor vehicle accident victims suffering from such things as whiplash and soft tissue damage. It is important to note that for bonesetting and such many of his patients are covered through government insurance and work insurance for treatment.

The KoKoDo Kappo Shiatsu Juku is a private Shiatsu school and only selected students allowed to enter. KoKoDo Kappo Shiatsu is a meridian or Keiraku style of shiatsu that Soke developed after years of study and practice of the healing arts. KoKoDo Kappo Shiatsu utilizes methods of pressure along the meridians to restore and balance Ki, which in turn allows the internal organs, endocrine, blood and nerve systems to natural heal the body.

Students from around the world have travelled to study KoKoDo Shiatsu at Hombu where is quite common to receive one on one training with Soke. If you are interested in KoKoDo Shiatsu please contact the hombu.

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