Tradition and respect


Please check our affiliate groups and dojos list to find a dojo close to you.

If you don’t find one, don’t worry, you have many ways to train with us. Even if you are far from a properly licensed dojo, you still can learn, progress and develop your skills by attending seminars, private lessons and intensive trainings.

I know what I am speaking of, I did it. I know what it is to learn with a teacher far away from us, to work alone with our group, but eventually it will pay of and trust me it is worth it!!

I leaved my dojo, I was practicing Hakkoryu at that time. I realized that, despite the fact that I loved the guys I practiced with, we had a very low level…

So I made that choice, I was anxious, there was no dojo in France and I first went to Belgium to train and then to Japan. Of course, it was not easy but with time my technique increased and increased and eventually it becomes very effective and soft.

I know today that I made the right choice.

Please, check the links under “training” in the menu and contact us.

Anfrui Eric Shihan.

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