Olivier Cyril and Eric NAMT 2015

From Hakkoryu to KoKoDo

KoKoDo means the Imperial Light Way. The color of the emperor being purple this refers to Ultraviolet rays. We can find here the roots of KoKoDo which are from the Hakkoryu school. The deepen meaning is that ultraviolet rays are invisible and dangerous. That’s the idea behind each technique.

Yasuhiro Irie Soke (入江安博)

Yasuhiro Irie Soke (入江安博) entered the Hakkoryu Ju-Jutsu Headquarters in 1969 and trained directly under Shodai Soke Okuyama Ryuho.

In 1971 he obtained the title of Shihan and for more than 20 years, as chief instructor of this school, he put all his heart and energy into spreading this art.

In 1977, he received the highest grade of the school and the same year, Ryuho Okuyama awarded him the title of “Jodai”.

In 1988, he created the Kokodo Clinic where he practices and teaches Shiatsu, acupuncture, Moxa and reboutage.

After spreading the art and training many Shihan around the world, Soke Irie left Hakkoryu for personal reasons and formed his own school which he called Kokodo. With the fame of Hakkoryu, Irie Yasuhiro senseï is rapidly developing his school around the world (United States, Canada, Europe, Middle East, etc.)

Since then, and still today, as an eternal researcher, Soke never ceases to perfect his art….

Eric Anfrui Kaiden Shihan

Like a lot of KoKoDo JuJutsu practitionner I first started with Hakkoryu, it was in 1997.

In 2008, despite a lot of hard and serious training during many years and my rank going up to Yondan, I had a very low level, and I choosed to restart from white belt in KoKoDo JuJutsu.

Since then I went many time to Japan to train directly under Yasuhiro Irie Soke. Still today, I go twice a year to Japan to perfect my technique and deepen my understanding.

I am glad I made this choice

(This video is an Interview in French of Eric Anfrui Kaiden Shihan)


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