Reigi (Etiquette)

Reigi is the proper manners to conduct ourselves in the dojo, with our sempai and sensei.

Conduct in the Dojo

  • Arrive early and be prepared to start practice on time. If you are late, stand quietly by the side of the mat until the instructor signals that you may join the class. Then thank him or her with a standing bow, step on the mat, and perform a sitting bow towards the Shomen. If you have missed the warm-ups, take time to stretch at the back of the mat. Never train without warming up. Afterward, approach any pair and ask to join them for practice. Under no circumstances should you step on the mat once class has started unless allowed to do so by the instructor.
  • Avoid leaving early, you should stay on the mat until the class is finished. If you need to leave early for some reason, please get the instructor’s permission in advance.
  • Stop and bow when entering or leaving the dojo.
  • Greet everyone at the first opportunity, especially the sensei and your sempai. Examples: ohayo gozaimasu (good morning), konnichi wa (good day), konban wa (good evening).
  • Pay respect to everyone when departing, especially to the sensei and your sempai. Examples: arigato gozaimashita, it means thanks you. (For the training you just did)
  • When addressing instructor, use the title sensei.
  • Be attentive; listen carefully to instructions, and respond promptly.
  • Be aware of sempai members and follow their lead.
  • Be aware of junior members and take care of them.
  • Always sit or stand properly when in the dojo. Do not slouch or lean against anything.


  • Wear your keikogi and hakama neatly.
  • Do not wear jewelery during practice and keep your fingernails clean and cut short in order not to hurt your partners.
  • Wear clean tabi on the tatamis and zori outside.
  • If you’re ranked, wear a black hakama. (Dark blue for Shihan)

Conduct during Practice

  • When practicing with someone, show your appreciation by saying onegaishimasu at the beginning and arigato gozaimashita at the end.
  • Perform ritsu-rei (standing bow) and za-rei (seated bow) properly. Hold the bow briefly before returning to your original position.
  • Practice diligently. Do not sit down during practice. Do not engage in idle conversation. Do not let sempai remain idle when they are available for practice.
  • Apply yourself wholeheartedly to learning, and to improving your JuJutsu to the best of your ability.
  • you should ask permission from your partner to drink. Please keep in mind to:
     –  Leave your bottle at the back of the dojo against the wall (cans are not allowed).
     –  Don’t drink when the instructor is teaching.
  • if the class starts and you have no partner, Please just say to some pair onegaishimasu”, then join them.
  • Do not take videos or photos during the class. Except the case that previous permission and agreement are obtained from the instructor about recording, taking pictures and purpose of using them.
  • When the instructor is teaching in the front, please focus on his instruction in seiza.
  • After practice, please join the cleanup in a positive manner. We appreciate it if you could help clean up the dojo which you have practiced
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