Summer camps

If you can’t attend regular classes, or if you just want to polish your technics, we organize summer camps!!

3 hours of training every morning, then free time with family, that’s the idea. You will be able to refine your technic, increase your understanding of the principles and still have good time with your partner and children.

At the end of the summer camp, you will receive a certificate, don’t missunderstood, it is a certification that you will have attended the summer camp with me, it is not a rank diploma. A Dan test may be considered at the end of the seminar only for the few ones who mastered the technics.

You don’t need to be properly licensed in KoKoDo to participate in the summer camp. It is of course needed for dan testing.

You will find all informations in the seminar section, I hope to see you there.

Anfrui Eric Kaiden Shihan.


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