"Eric is one of those rare practitioners who lives his passion to the end. Not counting efforts in time, money or energy, he is today one of the representatives of the highest level of his school.

Eric regularly shares his path on his blog, Ganbatte (persevere!). With the greatest simplicity, he delivers his experience, his joys and his difficulties."

  "As time passed, I could observe Eric, his work, his attitude with his teacher, his peers, and my respect and friendship for him have only grown. During my visit to his dojo, Irie Sensei also told me how much he appreciated and respected him. I am pleased that he has agreed to come to represent his school at NAMT and Aiki Taikai."
"At first I found Eric very friendly, impression that only confirmed during the course since he was kind enough to come and make me feel the techniques and explain the key points, but also to make us work techniques shodan, nidan and sandan levels so that I see the educational structure of the school. "

"I can say that I found the approach particularly interesting, with a very fine work on connecting to the other (difficult to propose a work without force without having an incalculable number of details to take into account). " "All the practices do not speak to me, despite their quality because it is obviously a subjective opinion, but here I have been absolutely filled by the proposed work and I hope to have the opportunity to return to practice under the direction of Eric, or Irie Soke if the opportunity arises, quickly."
"Eric Anfrui is a teacher who seems to have already understood everything behind the physical techniques. If he wets his kimono, making his body work sometimes rough, he does not forget that this same body is inhabited by a spirit that we must also educate. "

"Martial Art is no longer an art of war, as some still claim. Today, the only fight to fight is against oneself, for the simple purpose of progressing mentally. We are sometimes our worst enemy!"
"Arrived at the Alsace de Bagnolet before 10am (and almost the first), I take the opportunity to talk a little with the students who arrive : the contact is good, friendly people and obviously very happy with their class and their teacher and look forward to the next day's workshop with the teacher's teacher. A first positive impression. "

"The explanations of Eric Anfrui are clear, and he never hesitates to demonstrate his assertions "on piece"(and your servant could understand that this is not fake)."
"Eric Anfrui is not a teacher like the others. In the footsteps of the exceptional master Irie Yasuhiro, we felt immediately his desire to demonstrate something clear, effective, with a direct impact on the body of a partner, all without getting lost in verbal and useless explanation.

We were close during this course of logic called "ultraviolet" from Hakko Ryu. Let me explain immediately:

We find exactly the same thing in Kokodo Jujutsu and Hakko Ryu on the interest of wearing the technique on two different levels: the internal and the external. It is also said that the ultraviolet is what is invisible and dangerous in the rainbow compared to other colors very visible spectrum. Understand here, dear readers that the technique of Hakko Ryu and by extension of Kokodo Jujutsu must have a direct but also in-depth impact and is articulated around knowledge related meridians, kuatsus and the health of the partner (Irie Yasuhiro also has a small clinic in Japan to treat people) for maximum and precise effect. "

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