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Here is a playlist of video regarding KoKoDo JuJutsu that I suggest you to see. You can see videos in the playlist by clicking on the top left icon of the player.

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We are working hard to have high quality students, so be sure that you will find here great and skilled people that will guide you through the path with dedication.

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We love to meet passionate, kind and sincere people who, like us at our time, are looking for the true path. We will be very please to welcome you and give you special training.


Eric is one of those rare practitioners who lives his passion to the end. Not counting the efforts in time, money or energy, he is now one of the representatives of the highest level of his school. Eric regularly…
From the first moment I found Eric very sympathetic, impression that only confirmed during the course since he was kind enough to come and make me feel the techniques and explain the key points, and also to make us work…
Eric Anfrui is a teacher who already seems to have understood everything that lies behind physical techniques. If he moistens his kimono, making his body work sometimes roughly, he does not forget that the same body is inhabited by a…

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