Anfrui Eric Kaiden Shihan

I am the leader of this association. I currently am Kaiden Shihan 5th Dan. And to perfect my knowledge of this art, I visite the founder of the school, Yasuhiro Irie Soke, in Japan almost 2 times a year since 2009. I am one of the only 2 Europeans (3 in the world) to have made so many trips and trainings under the direct supervision of the founder of the school, Irie Yasuhiro Soke in Japan.

I am recognized by my peers in the field of French martial arts, I presented KoKoDo JuJutsu many times at the Traditional Martial Arts Night and the Aiki Taikai. These events are among the biggest in the European martial landscape. I am also one of the few experts of the discipline in the world whose dojo is recognized as being in direct affiliation (Jikimon) with the main Dojo in Japan (since 2012).

I am considered one of the most loyal students to Soke. I also travel regularly to follow Soke at JuJutsu seminars in Europe, Canada, Japan … and to organize seminars for my students inside and outside France.

Anfrui Eric Kaiden Shihan.

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